Festive Glamour Jewellery November 24, 2015 16:42

Festive glamour, it is party time again!

We are in the part of the world where Christmas takes place in full summer and an ordinary T.shirt can be dressed up with festive glamour such as our gorgeous collars, hand beaded in Cape Town - Coral, turquoise, mother of pearl, abalone are all vibrant without cheap bling, they are synonym with Summer and can dress up a casual wear with originality. All these collars are one off and could just as well be worn at the Opera or at a beach party. Festive glamour

Proud Zandie checking out her beading.

  zandie 5 Zandie, Bongi and Tembi beading Alfresco as the little Nana looks on. Festive Glamour zandie2   Just for fun I chose these glamorous vintage celebrities to wear our gorgeous beaded collars


marilyn 5 grace5 frida5 Brigitte 5